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Thanks to COVID-19, the race to adapt and evolve office spaces for the future of work is well under way. In order to attract the best talent in the market, offices need to be green, sustainable and flexible.

There is a growing recognition that younger generations of talent are seeking out businesses that increasingly align with their moral values across environmental, social and governance initiatives. These include efforts to reduce corporate carbon footprints, improve employee wellbeing, and ensure diversity and inclusion.

Flexible office providers are working hard to curate rich, fully-serviced environments for teams to thrive in, from lunch-time yoga classes through to help-yourself-pantries, from packed events calendars through to inspiring interiors.

We expect this to develop, with both big and small businesses set to gravitate towards flexible office space, or at least incorporate it into their portfolios.

Active commuting will rise. In the months we were encouraged to return to our workplaces, active commuting became a popular way to both avoid public transport and break up a sedentary working day. It’s likely this trend will continue, and as a result, employers will look for offices fit for a cycling commute, which neighbour cycleways and feature showers and secure bike racks.

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