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Public Sector

We deliver accurate surveys to get your next public sector project started, keep it on track and ensure you create amazing spaces that everybody loves.

Complete Survey Solutions for the Public Sector

Public sector projects in the spotlight

As the government pushes ahead with plans for Levelling Up across the UK, public sector building projects will draw high levels of public scrutiny. Expectations are high, and for the success of these projects it is essential to get accurate measured survey information on current facilities without disruption to public services.

With budget a major consideration, time is also of the essence. Project managers are often under pressure to compact programs of work, keeping projects on time and on budget.

Adding to this challenge is the need for security clearance – it is a requirement that operatives are suitably cleared to work in government facilities. These accreditations (DBS/BPSS/ETC) can take time and slow down access to sites.

At Spatial Dimensions, we fully understand these challenges and have setup our expert team of measured surveyors to ensure we have sufficient (security cleared) resources to deliver on time sensitive projects.

Our highly skilled team also come with a vast amount of experience in the public sector; we know how to survey government buildings without disrupting occupants, delivering fast and reliable survey data, so our clients can get on with design and build programmes quicker and confident in the accuracy of that data.

Keeping your projects on time and on budget.

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