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Complete Survey Solutions for the Healthcare Sector

Challenging times for the healthcare sector

Following the super human efforts of our NHS service throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the NHS remain under pressure with patient backlogs, diminishing resources, and the need to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology.

With models of care are rapidly evolving, NHS trusts, architects, project managers and GPs are all looking to maximise value for money.

As a result of the governments pledge to invest heavily in public sector healthcare, the funding has been released to 178 NHS trusts to cover almost 1,800 maintenance projects.

NHS hospital staff, patients and visitors across all regions in England will benefit from refurbished wards, brand-new electrics and upgraded ventilation systems, the Health Secretary has announced, as the government invests £600 million to tackle critical maintenance work.

At Spatial Dimensions, we recognise that one of the biggest challenges for developers, architects and project managers carrying out healthcare projects, is to avoid disruption to patients and staff in operational facilities. As a result, programmes are always almost tight and measured surveys require rapid execution, whilst ensuring absolute accuracy and attention to detail.

Keeping your projects on time and on budget.

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