Underground Utilities

Underground Utilities

Our highly experienced teams of measured building surveyors deliver the highest standard of underground utilities services detection and mapping.

So you can minimise the risks of your next development project.

Underground Utilities Survey

What is an underground Utility survey?

An underground utility survey is a type of survey used to determine the location and type of below ground utility infrastructure.

Underground Utility Surveys can cover the following:

  • Electricity cables
  • Oil and Gas pipelines
  • Water pipelines
  • Drainage and sewage pipelines
  • Telecoms and fibre optics cables

Designing a scheme using data collected from an underground utility survey reduces project planning time and minimises the risk of expensive adjustments to the design further down the line.

If an underground survey is not performed before commencing a development project, there can be serious consequences. Rectifying any damage to utilities caused by development can prove extremely costly and cause unnecessary delays to the programme.

Likewise, there are obligations for project teams to comply with Health & safety regulations, such as The Construction (Design and Management) 2015 and provide the right protection for their workers. Contractors can work confidently prior to and during excavation by using our accurate and detailed underground utility survey maps.

Underground utility surveys can inform:

  • New Developments
  • Retrofit and refurbishment projects
  • Public realm and landscaping improvements
  • Utility repairs and upgrades
  • Excavations and trenching work

Data from underground utility surveys typically references the ordnance survey grid and level datum and can be combined with our Topographical surveys to give a complete understanding of the development area. Data can be supplied in 2D or 3D CAD drawing formats and added to a 3D Model if required. There is also the option to overlay over an existing topographical survey.

The benefits of an underground survey?

Our complete survey package helps you create amazing spaces everybody will love.

How much do Underground utility surveys cost?

In order to handle a wide variety of different types of underground projects, we offer our clients several different underground utility survey options. From Desktop Utility records searches and simple trench and borehole clearance right up to full PAS-128 Type A Surveys for a complete picture of the underground infrastructure for large sites.

If you are not sure which of our underground survey options is the best for you, we can recommend one for you after learning more about your specific project.

If you’d like to get a quote for an underground utility survey, hit the Get a Quote button, call us or e-mail us the details of your site including the required survey extents using an OS plan or similar.

We will then contact you to clarify the specification of works and the purpose of your underground utility survey and get back to you with a quote within 48 hours.

For us, it’s all about using a survey method that’s fit for purpose. It’s why businesses, architects, project managers and developers have chosen Spatial Dimensions to survey their houses, shops, offices, schools, leisure and hospitality facilities and hospitals.

We rapidly measure and deliver complete survey data, so you can create amazing spaces everybody will love.

Get in contact with our expert measured surveyors so you can feel confident your project will be a success.



Speak to our team, or complete a quick online form, upload your sitemap and we’ll provide a comprehensive quotation within 48 hours.


When you’re ready to proceed, we’ll reconfirm survey and delivery dates, so you can feel confident your project will proceed on time and within budget.


We’ll keep you informed every step of the way, and deliver your survey as promised, so you can create that space that everybody loves.


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