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In 2012, Claire set about crafting a new narrative in geomatics after identifying a clear gap in the market. Thus, Spatial Dimensions was born, fondly built up from her kitchen table out of a pure passion for surveying and design. The company grew organically, powered by Claire‘s vibrant enthusiasm and remarkable knack for detail and precision. Each client, big or small, was welcomed as part of the ‘Spatial-family.’ Fast-forward to today and Spatial Dimensions is more than a thriving business. It’s a place where imaginative ideas meet precise execution, bustling with a team as passionate as Claire herself about ensuring every project – every measure, map, and model – encapsulates the essence of the space and the customer’s aspirations. From architects designing innovative urban landscapes to homeowners dreaming of the perfect living space, Claire‘s vision ensures everyone gets the precision planning they need, delivered in the jargon-free, friendly manner they love.

Before founding Spatial Dimensions, Claire began her surveying career at Maltby Land Surveys Ltd, gaining substantial experience in the field. An alumnus of The Survey School and Kent Institute Of Art & Design, Claire embodies a vast depth of knowledge in both geomatics and design.

In recognition of her significant contributions to the field, Claire was honoured with the opportunity to serve as Vice President of The Survey Association (TSA), reinforcing her commitment to promoting precision, credibility, and innovation in surveying. Always striving to propel the field forward, this role lets her share her passion on a national platform, ensuring the friendly, customer-centric values of Spatial Dimensions are represented within the broader surveying community.

With a professional trajectory marked by efficiency and innovation and a slew of commendations in her LinkedIn profile attesting to her professional acumen, Claire Fenwick embodies the spirit of a true leader in geomatics survey consultancy.

Claire takes pride in her team’s commitment to customer satisfaction. As a passionate advocate of her craft, she is always enthusiastic about engaging in business discussions over coffee.


When she’s not busy with her Spatial Dimensions family, Claire devotes her time to her family. She’s mum to two vibrant teenagers, Connie and Blake, helping them navigate their educational journey’s exciting twists and turns and spectating their sporting endeavours. 
Peter, her other half and a co-director at Spatial Dimensions, continues to be a strong pillar of support in her professional and personal life.

A massive fan of cycling, Claire sets aside time for spinning along the trails, enjoying the freedom this brings while keeping fit and healthy. But don’t be mistaken. She’s just as happy off the saddle. As a social butterfly, Claire loves sharing stories over scrumptious meals out with dear friends and family.

In rare moments of tranquillity, you’ll find Claire embracing her love for art and design at her drawing table. That’s her slice of serenity, a place where she can let her creativity flow freely. As with her work at Spatial Dimensions, every stroke reveals the careful precision and passionate attention to detail that underpins everything she does, making spaces – and life – more enjoyable



We strive to give you the survey data you need as economically as possible. We’ll consult with you on your requirements to make sure we have everything covered and are not collecting information that isn’t needed. Saving you time and money.


The devil is in the detail as they say. We’ll make sure our proposal to you is clear, concise and details exactly what you are ordering. We’ll aim to get a quote back to you within 48 hours.


We want you to get great value for money saving your budget for building amazing spaces that everyone loves. We’re very confident you won’t find a more competitive survey elsewhere for the same quality.


Time is money, save some by placing your order online. We’ll quickly arrange access to the site, address any health & safety requirements and get to any location in the UK quickly.


We’ll update regularly on the progress of the survey Any issues or unforeseen delays will be reported promptly so you can plan your resources to get to work on the deliverables as soon as they are delivered.


When you choose Spatial Dimensions you don’t have to worry about quality and accuracy. All surveys are passed through a rigorous QA check to make sure we get it right first time.

Our guarantee to you; if we miss any information that was specified in our proposal, we'll go back and fix it, quickly with no questions asked.

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